Theoretical piston style in step backwards

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Theoretical piston style in step backwards:

F = A 'x p = 18.

a. To avoid bending, then a large diameter piston rod length selected for a big step.Factors that determine the cylinder size is determined by the magnitude of the force received by the cylinder and the length of steps to be performed by the cylinder to move the load. p - Rr: to resign

Description: Rf = force versus spring

Rr = friction

A = sectional area of the cylinder without piston rod

A '= area of cross section of cylinder with piston rod

EXAMPLE 2. p - (Rf + Rr)

For the double-cylinder drive, then apply:

F = A. The average piston speed standard cylinder approximately 0.785 x D x h x n

For double drive cylinder:

Q = (0. Effective piston style means a lot in planning the cylinder.

d. In calculating the effective piston force, frictional resistance must be taken into account.

For single-cylinder drive, then apply:

F = A.1 to 1.50 N

Style Rr taken (on average 10%) = 117.5 x 10 x 6 x 10 N / m - 111N = 999N. This is related to stride length and diameter of the piston rod. In normal operating conditions the limit pressure 400-800 kPa or 4-8 bar.785 x D x h + 0. Piston speed can be adjusted by using the valve.5 m / sec. Buckling load

Given load on the piston rod should not exceed the maximum allowable price.


Sectional area of the cylinder without piston rod:

A = ¼ phi x D '= 0. Also influenced by the position of end pads.785 = (25-1.625 cm

Sectional area of cylinder with piston rod

A n = (D - d) x 0. When there is movement from the end position of pads, aids the flow through the valve block (thortte relief valve), so that the piston speed can be derived.75 N

So that the effective piston force on a step forward:

F = A xp - Rr = 19.

Determine the sectional area of cylinder piston rod with and without (A and A ') and how much force F that can be generated (steps forward and steps backward). With a large diameter cylinder and the long stroke, large air consumption makes pneumatic equipment to be wasteful.1:

If the cylinder has a diameter (D) 50 mm diameter piston dsan (d) 12 mm, having a frictional force (Rr), an average of 10% and 600 kPa applied pressure.


where: F = effective piston force (Newton)

p = working pressure (bar / Pa / psi)

d = piston diameter (cm)

R = friction (Newton) was taken 30-20% of the calculated force

Friction is determined by the lubrication, back pressure, the shape of the seal and so forth. Piston speed

Piston speed depending on the prevailing air pressure, pipe length, Tools Equipment cross-sectional area at the end of the control and also working part of the average flow through the end of the control section. p - Rr: to advance

F = A '.50 x 10 m x 6 10 N / m = 1110 N

Friction is taken Rr (average 10%) = 111N

Effective piston style in step backwards:

F = A 'xp - Rr = 18.

With a big step, mechanical stress on the piston rod and the bearing guide is too big.

c. With a special cylinder (cylinder impact), the speed can reach 10 m / sec. Air Consumption

To obtain information on the number of indoor air usage is as follows:

For a single drive cylinder:

Q = 0. The amount of the allowable buckling force (FK) is as follows:



Fk =is permitted buckling force (N)

E = modulus of elasticity (N/mm2)

J = moment of inertia (cm)

L = length of effective measures (cm) = 2x stride length

S = safety factor (taken 5)

b.626 x 10 x 6 x 10 N / m = 1177.785 (D - d) x h) n x pk


Q = volume of air every centimeter step (liters)

D = piston diameter (mm)

h = length of step (mm)

n = number of steps per minute

pk = compression ratio (liters / min)

For specific operating pressure, certain piston diameter and a specific step number takanan air consumption can be calculated by comparing the compression

.44) = 18.785 x 5 = 19. Then if the length is enlarged so that the distance between the bearing increases and enlarged piston rods.50 cm

Theoretical piston style in a step forward:

F = A xp = 19.625 x 10 x 6 x 10 N / m - 117. Stride length

Pneumatic cylinder stride length should not exceed 2000 mm

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